Guns of the Tartar

Guns of the Tartar (1740)

82 Touro Street 

In order to address hostilities during the time of King George’s War, the Rhode Island General Assembly voted to build a sloop in 1740. She was 115 tons and cost L#8,679 and was named the Tarter, after the H.M.S Tartar which visited from England in 1737. 

Rhode Island’s new Sloop of War had a distinguished and well documented career, particularly in the Battle of Louisbourg in 1744-1745. The Tarter was decommissioned in 1748 and her inventory was sold on Goat Island at public auction. The unclaimed items were stored at Fort George. Eventually two of her 12-foot guns were recovered and used as traffic control bollards at the foot of Washington Square. In 1934 the Newport Historical Society arranged to have the guns mounted on the lawn of the Touro Street headquarters.